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Why Do Kids Eat Their Boogers

by Janice Wade
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Why Do Kids Eat Their Boogers

At first glance, a child’s interest in picking his nose may seem like an indicator that he is dirtier than most. However many believe there could be more going on than just the boogers themselves; for instance children who eat their own nasal secretions have been shown to have physical advantages over others due both genetic makeup (from having eaten this filth) and because they constantly produce new ones! A rich diet full of vitamins A&D can also help with keeping your immune system strong so you don’t contract any colds or infections while studying abroad even if it means eating all sorts smelly things off dumpsters behind burger joints.

Why Do People Eat Boogers

The nose picking habit can become so normal to someone that they may not even realize what’s happening. This could be because the person has a higher level of awareness, or it might also relieve anxiety and stress in some cases when noses are picked excessively- compulsive rhinotillexomania (or obsessive/compulsory nail biting) would qualify as one form this disorder with others being skin irritation due excessive grooming behaviors such at hair pulling etc.

Why Do People Pick Their Nose

Nose picking is an act that many people do to remove boogers from their nose. However, in some cases it can become compulsive and harmful as well–especially if you are spreading bacteria or viruses around with your hands!

Why Do Some People Eat Their Boogers

Nasal picking can become so normal to a person they may not even realize it’s happening. And in some cases, compulsive nose-picking (rhinotillexomania) could be considered an example of obsessive compulsive disorder – where people have trouble catching their breath or making decisions because everything seems too big for them at times!

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