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How Does Acid Rain Affect Humans

by Tobias Lynn
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How Does Acid Rain Affect Humans

The acid rain that pollutes our air can also cause problems when it gets into people’s lungs. The tiny particles make existing health conditions worse, and they may even lead to permanent lung damage
The pollution from ground level ozone causes respiratory disease such as pneumonia or bronchitis which leads these individuals having those diseases being unable to breath properly causing death by lack oxygen

Acid Rain Effects On Human

Acid rain is a symbol for the effect of pollution on our environment. Acidified air can cause health problems even when people are not directly exposed to it, such as asthma and bronchitis because sulfur dioxide particles in this type of polluted atmosphere make them more likely to develop chronic lung conditions like those mentioned above (1).

How Can Acid Rain Affect Buildings?

Acid rain is an environmental toxin that can have permanent effects on buildings, sculptures and other structures. It attacks the surface of these materials with a negative charge which over time causes corrosion or disintegration due to its corrosive properties – even if they’re not wet! Some examples include calcium carbonate based compounds such as limestone (which makes up much of our planet’s sedimentary rock layers) or marble made from gypsum rocks like sandstone; both are soluble by acids when deposited in areas prone for pollution because it dissolves them away at different speeds depending upon what type you use.

What Is The Ph Of Rain

Acid rain can come from a variety of sources, but it is typically acidic because the chemical reactions that produce this type of precipitation also emit sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxides. The typical pH level for such an instance would be 4 units below normal clean rain at around 5-5.5 on the scale (which has a value closer to 7).

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