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Are Cliff Bars Good For You

by Payton Taylor
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Are Clif Bars Bad For You

There are many people who enjoy eating Clif Bar’s every day, but the sugar and carbs in them can cause problems for some individuals. If you have diabetes or watch your weight then this might not be such an issue; however if neither of these things apply to you should consider another snack option!

Are Clif Bars Gluten Free

CLIF Builder’s protein bars are now gluten free! That is right, and they’re made from non-GMO ingredients for prolonged levels of energy.

Are Clif Bars Good For You

While Clif Bar lovers might not be thinking of their high-carb and sugar content as a problem, there are other Considerations. Chon recommends eating one before or during moderate to intense activity because you need sustained energy with these snacks but they won’t provide enough fuel for longer workouts where slow burning carbs can help prevent fatigue caused by Stark nutrition

Are Cliff Bars Good For You

Is it bad to eat a Clif Bar every day? No, but if you’re looking for something more healthy and nutritious then I recommend the same brand’s energy bars.
Traditionally these are designed as snacks before or during moderate-to high intensity activity when one needs sustained energy such that they last longer than an hour in duration; however Chon has found them useful also at lower intensities like walking around town–just be aware of their higher carb/sugar content so your body doesn’t wind up Store All Its Fat In Your Hands (don’t worry though she solved this problem by inventing FitBars!).

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