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Are Pad Thai Noodles Gluten Free

by Janice Wade
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Are Pad Thai Noodles Gluten Free

Pad thai is a classic Thai dish that’s not only gluten-free but also vegan. You’ll find tons of different ingredients to add your own personal flair, like shredded coconut or soy sauce for example! Unfortunately before you order in restaurants make sure they’re certified as being free from certain allergens so no cross contact with allergy sufferers takes place.

Is Pad See Ew Gluten Free

This Vegan Pad See Ew is just like the traditional dish you love to order from your favorite Thai restaurant, but healthier and without any animal products! The rich flavor of soy-based sauce combined with creamy silken tofu makes this version stand out as something unique. Chinese broccoli stems have been used instead for vegetables in order to keep it truely “veggie” oriented while still having all those delicious flavors that people associate with pad see ew dishes.

Is Pad Thai Gluten Free

When ordering pad Thai at a restaurant, always ask for the list of ingredients and be sure that they have space in their kitchen to prepare it.

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