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Can You Eat Coleslaw On Keto

by Janice Wade
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Can You Eat Coleslaw On Keto

Coleslaw dressing is not keto because it calls for granulated sugar. To make the dish more low-carb, you can swap out some of this sweetness with something else like honey or maple syrup! It’s really quite simple once all done up right at home in your own kitchen – better yet than ordering takeout on those days where we have no choice but stay dieting hard 😉

Can You Have Coleslaw On Keto

If you’re looking for a low-carb, keto slaw dressing that is both flavorful and healthy than look no further. A traditional coleslaw typically includes granulated sugar which can be hard to come by on the ketogenic diet but there are plenty of substitutes! I would recommend making your own from scratch instead because it really does not take much time at all before dinner was ready itself with this delicious recipe.

How Many Carbs In Coleslaw From Kfc

The KFC coleslaw has 14 total carbs per serving and 10g of sugar. This isn’t ideal if you’re on a keto diet, but this copycat version comes in at just 5 grams (2 net) with 3 milliliters out every 1/4 cup bowl!

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