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Why Does My Body Feel Shaky

by Janice Wade
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Why Does My Body Feel Shaky

Vibrations can be caused by a number of different factors and some people who experience them may never know what causes their condition. Shaking may just feel too subtle for the naked eye so it goes unnoticed in some cases, but there are other possible neurological disorders which could lead to these tremors including Parkinson’s disease or MS as well as essential tremor (a rare type of shaking).

Antidepressants That Do Not Cause Tremors

Using the best judgment, it is important to stop taking an antidepressant that you have been addicted too. It may be difficult but if your Tremor got worse or just not improved after trying different medications then this might help solve what’s going on in terms of medication side effects.

The tremors caused by certain types anti-depressants can usually resolved through switching treatments–in most cases eliminating any negative consequences associated with adapting a drug response style versus another class such as selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) for instance.

Are Headaches A Symptom Of Diabetes

Headaches due to diabetes are important because they can be a sign that your blood glucose is either too high or low. Getting it under control may help with relief from the pain!

Best Exercise For Hand Tremors

One way to strengthen your muscles is by moving the hands with intention. Curling a light hand weight and resting them on top of each other while sitting up straight can help tone all over, especially if done periodically throughout the day!

Can Essential Tremors Turn Into Parkinson’S

Parkinson’s disease shakes the hand, but it is not always present. Essential tremor does too and there are two different types: one for when you’re excited or emotional; this type can precede Parkinson’s in time because of its connection to our lack-of control over muscle movement.

Can Low Blood Sugar Cause Anxiety

Anxiety is a complex condition that can be related to low blood sugar. Symptoms like shakiness, fast heart rate and difficulty concentrating are all symptoms of an anxiety attack or hypoglycemic episode – not just part in general feelings about food intake.

Can Low Blood Sugar Cause Nausea

Hypoglycemia is the most common type of hypo in people who have diabetes, and it can lead to nausea.
Mild symptoms include feeling tired or moody; more severe cases might result from a low blood sugar level affecting your cognitive functions like concentrate power (or confusion).

Did Katherine Hepburn Have Parkinson’S Disease

The recent discussion of Katharine Hepburn’s ailment on television by her niece has showcased an interesting fact. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, it turns out that she actually had essential tremors – a less severe form which is still considered inherited and can be managed through medication or surgery if needed!

Difference Between Essential Tremor And Parkinson’S

Essential tremor is a disorder that can affect the voice box and make it difficult to speak clearly. Parkinson’s doesn’t have this effect on people, but instead causes Symptoms such as shaking when at rest or in motionless positions like sitting down for long periods of time which may progress over time before becoming irreversible by affecting quality-of life significantly disrupting daily activities such as cooking meals & getting dressed every morning leading many sufferers into depression due lack compensation skills needed just managing everyday tasks even more than typical PD patients already suffering from those issues.

Does Low Blood Sugar Cause Headaches

A low blood sugar level can cause general headaches or even migraines. You might experience a headache that’s dull in nature and has an annoying throbbing sensation around your temples; you may also feel nausea with this type of hypoglycemia-induced pain as well!

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