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Activities For 9 Month Old

by Payton Taylor
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Activities For 11 Month Old

11-month old babies have a lot of energy and need to explore their surroundings. Try these baby activities for variety in your child’s day, which will help them develop creativity as well! These ideas were all tested by us – we know they’re sure not boring or simple 😉 Messy play: Potato flakes; Exploring ice (with different types like hot & cold); Back an forth crawl search rescue stand&play messy toys fill dump sensory exploration Bubbles song

Activities For 14-Month-Old

14-month old toddlers are amazing! You’ll see all kinds of new cognitive and motor developments in the coming weeks. Parents want to offer activities for their 14 month olds that support both mind development as well movement skills – like playing outside or making sensory bins with play doughs etc., but there’s one more thing we should mention: these little ones love pushing toys around (or pulling), lifting flap books up high so they can see what is underneath it; sorting shapes into categories by color, size & shape–even ripping paper into pieces just might give them an opportunity at some early recycling knowledge too!. And don’t forget about chasing bubbles while holding onto matching sponges/toys at once…it’s quite fun watching

Activities For 20 Month Old

As an Occupational Therapist and a Mom, I have put together some of the best activities for your 20 month old toddler. These games will focus on strengthening their cognitive (mind) and motor (movement) development while also developing sensory processing skills through tactile play! Words that describe these wonderful options are “Nature Stew,” Skills Developed; Floral Fun- Potato stamping game or flying obstacle course if you’re feeling active., PLAYING WITH BALLZ!! More balls than ever before–balls galore!), Sorting Game

Activities For 9 Month Old

An article about the best activities for 9-month old babies. These fun games and play moments help your little one learn new skills while having tons of laughs! Author mentions Dropping a Toy in The Bucket, Squeak And Hide Ball Rolling , hide ‘N’ seek with sound effects like clapping or singing water plays at home by filling bowls full then letting them go wild when they’re done exploring; strolling on foot also lets kids explore their surroundings–a great way to alleviate excess energy before bedtime

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