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Are Coconut Aminos Good For You

by Payton Taylor
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Are Coconut Aminos Good For You

Coconut aminos is a healthier option for people with dietary restrictions. There are no soy or gluten ingredients in coconut amino acids, which makes it safer than many other sauces on the market today that contain these foods as well!
Aminos isn’t just better because of its lack-of; there’s actually an increased concentration of protein due to fermentation processes during production (which can only happen when you’re making them yourself). Plus they have potassium and iron too so what more do we need?

What Is Coconut Aminos Used For

Coconut aminos can be used as a versatile ingredient in many dishes. They have an excellent flavor that is better than soy sauce, and they’re also gluten-free! Coconut Aminos (often just called AMINOS) may sound strange at first since it contains no alcohol like the other type of namointois used for flavoring sake or cooking rice noodles; however you soon find yourself coming back because this “used” tastes so much more appetizing compared to its alternatives made from msg which typically leaves people feeling unfulfilled after consumption due addingflavors suchasto salt insteadof herbsorspices

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