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Best Vitamin D Drops For Baby

by Tobias Lynn
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Can I Take Vitamin D While Breastfeeding

If you’re breastfeeding, talk to your doctor about taking a vitamin D supplement (containing 10mcg). If baby is only having breast milk and no other formula top-ups for the first few months of life, then it’s recommend giving them 8.5 -10 mcg daily doses of Vitamin D supplements until they start eating solids or are old enough not need one anymore! All new Mums in Scotland receive free Healthy Start food vouchers which can help cover some costs when starting out with cooking healthy meals at home so check if these apply where ever she lives.

How Much Vitamin D Drops For Newborn

Giving your baby the right supplements is important because they help promote healthy growth and development. Introducing a vitamin D supplement during infancy will make their life better in so many ways!
-For breastfed babies, give them 5 micrograms of D3 per day starting from birth until 12 months old when you feed with infant formula or take less than 300ml/10 ounce satsumas juice twice daily.


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