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how can poor posture result in back pain

by Janice Wade
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how can poor posture result in back pain

unsupported postures can be a dangerous exercise for your spine and back. The more you lean toward one side, the greater risk that load will shift from its proper place on an unsupported frame to another location entirely within muscle tissue . This causes strain across multiple joints in this area which may then lead not just pain but injury as well
with time these misalignment injuries become difficult or impossible heal themselves without professional care

which of the following best represents the causes of stiff muscles?

Stiff muscles can be caused by both over- and underworking them. Explanation: Muscle stiffness is when the muscle feels tight, difficult to move particularly after resting due alongside sprains/strain etc., though a common cause could also just result from exercise or hard physical labor which causes pain in some cases such as polymyalgia rheumatica

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