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How Can You See Into My Eyes

by Janice Wade
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How Can You See Into My Eyes

When light strikes the retina, a layer of tissue at the back of our eyes that can convert it into electrical signals and send those messages on for processing by other areas in brain. The process starts when photoreceptor cells are activated by illumination to create an impulse which travels along nerve fibers until they reach their destination: your conscious mind!
In this way we all have access not only see colors but everything else that goes around us too; so don’t be afraid if someone says “I’m just going off what my eye tells me.”

How To Read Someone’S Mind

The more you open up your mind, the easier it will be to understand what another person is thinking. First of all start by maintaining an open spirit at all times and choose someone that interests you or has something they would like share with others for just 15 seconds before switching back over into receptive mode so there are no awkward pauses in conversation where one party knows very well how much time has passed but doesn’t want too Guild [end]

My Life Flashed Before My Eyes

The life flash before my eyes is said to be the brain’s coping mechanism for dealing with trauma, such as war. It often happens that people will say they remember every detail of their last minutes before dying in a car accident or during an event like 9/11 because this seems like what would happen if you had time stop real-time while your mind tries hard not forget any information about how things could turn out badly
For example: “I know I’m going down!”

When I Close My Eyes

Some people see colors, shapes and light when they close their eyes. These visual effects can be a result of closed eye hallucinations or underlying medical conditions that cause this type if behaviour to happen more often than not.. Some causes may include: brain injury; stroke; tumors compramised tissue around the Visual cortices – which is part controlled by thoughts
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