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Why Am I Not A Morning Person

by Janice Wade
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Why Am I Not A Morning Person

We all have an internal clock that tells us when to be productive and sleep-deprived, but it turns out you’re stuck with your genes. If being morning person isn’t working for now then there might never be a time where things change because of aging effects kicking in! And what’s more is if we try living outside our natural sleeping schedules due the way life goes today – health likely suffers as well

How To Become A Morning Person

The human body has two different types of circadian rhythms: one that occurs during the day and another at night. These cycles make up who we are as individuals, but it can be difficult to change your “morning person” mentality if you feel like this is something innate or hardwired into our DNA! But with some careful planning-and an understanding about why mornings may seem so tough for those who don’t wake up early–you’ll find a routine works best suited just right for YOU.

How To Become A Morning Person And Love It

Give Yourself 5 Minutes: it’s a great way to start the day, so why not make time for yourself? Lying in bed with nothing on your schedule but some deep breathing exercises can do wonders. The first step is giving yourself five whole minutes before getting out of bed and starting up again with things like stretching or having sex (even if its just foreplay). It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as there are emotions attached; I prefer reading news while drinking coffee because then i know what happened during last night.


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