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Can You Be Born With Hiv

by Kendal Meyer
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Can You Be Born With Hiv

Babies born to HIV-positive mothers did not usually survive for very long until medical research developed an innovative treatment in the 1980s. This medicine – then known as highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) and now just called ART – revolutionised management of those afflicted by this virus, allowing them to enjoy a better quality life than they otherwise would have been able without these treatments.”

Can Hiv Be Transmitted Through Breast Milk

In the United States, to prevent HIV transmission from a mother-to-child there are several guidelines for breastfeeding. One is that mothers should not breastfeed an infant if they have been infected with HIV because of how it can attack immune system cells and cause disease in other parts of your body as well including during pregnancy or while trying to conceive children through sex without mentioning safe terms like monogamous relationships so make sure you know what exactly we’re talking about! Treatments such.


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