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Why Does Edging Feel So Good

by Janice Wade
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Why Does Edging Feel So Good

The process of edging is a way to prolong the duration and intensity of one’s orgasms. People who ejaculate prematurely may find this beneficial because it provides more opportunities for experimentation during sex, confidence-building as well as potentially experiencing an intense orgasmic release!

How To Edge For Hours

For me, the highlight of this period was when I reached 2 weeks with no accidental trips to town. It felt amazing being able not only control my erections but also ejaculation! The best part about edging is that it doesn’t take much for you become sexually frustrated or bored; so even though some days might feel like they go by too quickly (like every other day) eventually everything balances out in terms satisfaction level versus length masturbation sessions.

How To Ruin An Orgasm

One of the most exquisite feelings in life is when you’re sexually stimulated and your partner decides to stop, start again at their leisure. It’s like music that can be played on repeat for hours with no boredom ever setting into it because every single time they change up what happens next its new territory unexplored before- so much more interesting than just going through old motions!

Is Edging Bad For You

Edging is unlikely to have harmful side effects and will not cause any ejaculation problems. Edgers usually enjoy long periods of arousal without orgasm, but blue balls can occur if they don’t cum before their lover does – this leads many men into a cycle where one partner’s lack breeds frustration on both sides!

When you’re done going through the whole day wondering whether edging was safe or dangerous (as well as how much time should pass between sessions), I’ve got some good news: there haven’t been any reported cases in which people had died from masturbating while enhancing pleasure by prolonging sexual intercourse via delayed release versus coming immediately after penetration has occurred.

Why Does Edging Feel So Good

Your brain is a complicated organ that generates dopamine, the chemical responsible for feelings of euphoria and reward.
1) The rush you feel after taking an excitingly adventurous adventure has roots in your brain’s reaction to this neuro-transmitter which abruptly shuts down activity across various neural pathways as it contracts muscles associated with movement or stops breathing temporarily during excitement 2). Dopamine then releases these calming sensations by helping control key elements such ____ 3), allowing people who experience stress.

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