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Best Throat Numbing Spray For Sore Throat

by Janice Wade
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How Long Does Throat Numbing Spray Last

Local anesthesia is starting to numb your mouth 15-30 seconds after application and lasts about an hour. It’s not safe for children younger than 2 years, so make sure you know what side effects may occur before using it on them!

How Much Benzocaine Is Dangerous

The over-the counter (OTC) benzocaine product is a safe and effective way to numb sensitive areas for minor medical procedures, such as ear piercings.

When using this type of medication it’s important not just how often but when you use the OTC brand that has an extra strength formula withl Clonidine PG Isobutyl Nitrate along side being numbing while also having antiinflammatory properties which helps with pain relief in other parts if your body due2 its drug action 3 4 times daily maximum 5 6.

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