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Internal And External Jugular Veins

by Leland Walton
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Internal And External Jugular Veins

The jugular veins are two important blood vessels that collect blood from various parts of your body. The external vein, which can be seen on the neck near where it joins with other major arteries and networks to form a network for easy delivery around town or country-side; whereas internal jugulares carries all those rich nutrients needed by our brains but also delivers them deep into their destinations inside out own protective container–the head.

What Passes Through The Jugular Foramen

The jugular foramen is a small opening in the neck that allows important nerves to pass through it. The three most significant ones are glossopharyngeal, vagus and accessory nerve which all course along this area before reaching their destinations deep within your brain or other parts of your body respectively. These particular branches off from one major highway – known as facial motor branch- straight down towards spinal cord where they will begin providing signals regarding what you’re seeing at any given time.

Where Is The External Jugular Vein Located

The External Jugular Vein Departs From The Neck And Draines Blood For The Head. Just Caudal To Its Angle, It Branches Into Two Vessels-The Linguofaccial vein Which parallels what we call ” linguistics” in our daily lives (think about language), Andthen Maxillary Vessle That Leads directly into your mouth.

Where Is The Jugular Vein Located

The internal jugular vein is a prominent blue-veined structure that runs down the neck and drains into your brain. It emerges from this base at either side, exits through an opening in front of you called “the jugular notch,” then continues on towards its destination: The Divine hydraulic system!


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