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What Passes Through The Jugular Foramen

by Janice Wade
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What Passes Through The Jugular Foramen

The glossopharyngeal, vagus and accessory nerves pass through the jugular foramen on their way to branches in different areas of your body. The first branch comes out near where you would expect it – at the base of your neck! Just a few inches away from here are 2 more important nerve endings: those that carry information about how well sounds travel when they enter our ears (and allow us hear better).

Where Is The External Jugular Vein Located

The external jugular vein is a major vessel that drains blood from the head. It travels along the lateral aspect of your neck and divides into two branches: linguofacial, which provides nourishment to facial tissues; and maxillary (or cheek) venous system for sending proteins back up through the body once they’re absorbed by muscle tissue or organs like skin cells The mandibular gland lies between these pathways just below where this division occurs.

Where Is The Jugular Vein Located

The internal jugular vein is a key structure in the drainage system for blood from your head, neck and face. The left side of this vessel runs down to join with other important vessels like facial (which brings oxygen rich fluid back into our body) or retromandibular which sends it out again at base near ear when we’re done using whatever devices that require power!

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