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Why Do I Feel Bad After Sex

by Lianne Rayner
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Why Do I Feel Bad After Sex

When you have sex, a number of different hormones surge through your body. These include dopamine and oxytocin which can lead to some intense emotions after the act is over or if an individual enjoys their own performance in bed for example with penises being more rewarding than vaginas because they know how much work went into it while females often do not feel respected unless there’s some sorta exchange Offer vaginal penetration as compensation (the idea behind ” payday loans

Why Do I Feel High After Sex

Dopamine is released, making you feel “high” after sex. Not only does it flow during pleasurable moments of having fantastic timed orgasms but also floods your brain with a sense euphoria for some people when they experience an amazing moment in their lives where everything feels perfect from start until finish – which makes them think that this must be what winning the lottery feels like!

Why Do I Get Cramps After Sex

There are times when you might feel some tightness in your pelvic and abdominal muscles after sex. This can be caused by cramps, dehydration or working out the muscle with an awkward position for too long- it’s not always easy on our bodies! But don’t worry; these pains usually go away quickly without causing any lasting damage (unless there was direct pressure). It helps if we take care of ourselves first before engagesing physically 🙂

Why Do I Get Turned On By Pain

Those who enjoy masochistic sex often do so because they get pleasure from being hurt. They are turned on by pain, though this is usually not serious enough for them to feel fulfilled or complete with it happening only once in their lifetime; instead these individuals look forward every day after work when there’s more disciplinary action coming towards him/her – sometimes even at home!
The person experiencing “maso” feels absolutely fantastic while his partner does all sorts of nasty things like hitting below the belt (sheerly above) without asking any questions first–and boy howdy does he love

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