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Why Do I Not Care About Others

by Lianne Rayner
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Why Do I Not Care About Others

The definition of apathetic is someone who does not care about things that others find important or exciting. It’s an adjective form being applied to describe a lack-of interest in something, which can also mean the absence or suppression emotions when passion isn’t present for whatever reason–maybe they’re too sad about their situation? A person might be described as having “apathetically” lived life if it just happened naturally without any effort put into makingbetter choices because there was no motivation behind them at all

Why You Shouldn T Care What Others Think

When other people project their issues on you, they are really not aware of who and where they have been. If you worry what others think about your self-worth or ability to make a decision based off the input from one person at time then this is wasting valuable time because everyone has regrets when it comes down right now as well
in life!

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