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Why Does Wine Give Me A Headache

by Lianne Rayner
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Why Does Wine Give Me A Headache

It is possible that tannins, which are plant chemicals found in red wines and responsible for imparting flavor as well as antioxidants can cause headaches. Additionally high levels of serotonin may be released by these grapes leading to a feeling nausea or sickness among some people who drink it due their sulfite sensitivity towards this ingredient being used during wine making process
Many experts think another culprit could also come from preservatives called “sulfites”. This 2005 study analyzed blood samples taken from 2 separate groups – one group consisted those suffering with asthma symptoms while another did not have suffering from any kindles disease-related illnesses such as heart problems bypass surgery etc.. They discovered an increase level.

Does White Wine Have Sulfites

Headaches are not uncommon after drinking wine, but they can be caused by many factors. Since white wines contain more sulfites than red ones do and those chemicals also tend to occur naturally in some food items like dried fruit or soy sauce for example-it might just come down whatever you’re eating at the time!

What In Wine Gives You A Headache

Tannins, another substance found in grape skins can be a culprit. These plant chemicals give red wine its distinctive bitter taste and they also contain antioxidants which fight off free radicals that damage our cells over time causing them to age more quickly than we would like . However these same compounds evoke serotonin release when consumed at high levels – this neurotransmitter may result into headaches if you’re prone too it!

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